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Don't Like to Cook? Try These 6 Kitchen Features

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Do you, like many Americans, love the idea of a big kitchen remodel but don't actually do that much cooking at home? You can still have the best of both worlds by focusing on all those wonderful things you can add to your kitchen that don't involve slaving over the stove. Here are a few ideas for your renovation.

1. Charging Station

What family couldn't use a dedicated area to recharge their myriad of mobile devices? A charging station brings all those ugly cords that you currently have spread around the home into one convenient location. All that's required is a flat, uncluttered surface and several outlets placed very close by.
Keep it organized in a tight area by using a purchased phone organizer. Or you could have more fun with the kids by allowing them to create their own docking stations and decorate them for their own devices. 

2. Coffee Station

A coffee station could become the most beloved part of your new kitchen. The coffee station not only keeps things organized in a high-traffic area of the kitchen, but it also keeps the mess localized and ensures you don't run out of coffee supplies. 
The coffee station should be close to the entrance of the kitchen to minimize foot traffic interruptions. It needs space for the coffee maker and a small organized area for things like sweeteners, spoons, and creams. Ideally, it should also come with a dedicated cabinet and drawer to keep nonperishable supplies. If you have space, a mini-fridge will complete your station nicely. 

3. Family Work Space

Modern kitchens are more than just food prep areas; they're also gathering places for family and friends. So be sure to include lots of convenient seating in the kitchen.
Are you putting in a large island? Add stools on one side for the kids to hang out. Or install a peninsula with lots of additional seating where friends can gather and children can do homework. When designing your additional seating areas, be sure to include plenty of outlets for devices and good task lighting overhead. 

4. Wet Bar

Love entertaining your adult friends? Then do it like a pro with a special wet bar located in your kitchen. Your wet bar could be as large or small as you have space and budget for. At a minimum, include a countertop for mixing and a storage cabinet for supplies.
You'll probably also want a wine or bottle rack and a small sink for cleaning things up. Assess what your cocktail preferences are and design a space that works for those types of spirits or alcohols.  

5. Recycling Area

If you care about the environment, you probably already recycle rather than throw out. But, like the garbage can, your recycling materials can become unwieldy and unsightly. Tuck them away with a hidden recycling station, which you can combine with the garbage for convenience. Many people love a pull-out cabinet for both bins. Hang cleaning supplies on the door to keep things tidy. 

6. Appliance Garage

Even those who don't like to cook often love a few small appliances. This could be your favorite smoothie blender or the food processor that makes dinner a snap. If you use an item often, you want to leave it out on the counter, but you don't want it to look unattractive. So, add an appliance garage for it.
Appliance garages are small, convenient cubbies for storing items with a drop-down door to hide them. Design a custom garage for your favorite appliances and save counter space.
Which of these non-cooking kitchen features appeals to you? Find out how to integrate them into your own space by consulting with the remodel pros at BNN Construction today. 
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